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August 2013: Sorry for interruption in service! Someone hacked into our website and planted undesirable trojans - and then our hosting failed when the owner went bust. So our entire Sunbird site with associated websites is now being uploaded to a different server with all nasties eliminated!
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This Business Consultancy specialises in helping people to optimise the performance of their new enterprise - learning relevant skills, setting goals, and achieving planned growth. We enable entrepreneurs to establish a presence on the Internet with a well-designed website, then use Search Engine Optimisation to ensure that website becomes one of our "Websites That Work"!


Portfolio of Clients
Look here for our portfolio of clients - and of our own businesses...


Do you have an idea for a business? Then we could help you start!
Or would you like an idea for a business? We have lots!


Some of our established services are still listed below:

Our own product: *NEW* GerOff! Dog-Repellent-Spray - a mixture of natural essential oils that deters aggresive dogs from attacking. Useful for dog walkers, ramblers, joggers, cyclists, horse riders etc. Safe and effective.

IT Support
Databases & Spreadsheets - for handling customer addresses, counting stock or calculating costs, all designed for you at affordable prices

Search Engine Optimisation - Got a website, but need to improve its performance? Let us help!
Want to Earn from your Website? - We can advise on the monetisation of websites...
Want to Swap A Link? - Contact us about exchanging links to improve your website and ours...
Want to Earn From The Internet? - write for a website, and we'll show you how to earn from it...
Need a Website? - We can create a website just for you starting at just £50!
Information Finder - if you can't find what you want on the net, let us do it for you...

Confidence Coaching - for individuals to improve their lives
Business Coaching - identify business goals and achieve them!



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