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Sunbird is, in practice, a loose partnership of like-minded individuals with a history of running their own businesses. Their vision is to establish a business consultancy with the objective of helping local entrepreneurs to set up their own businesses and also to help them maximise their potential.

We have no interest in selling people off-the-shelf companies, charging them to change the name, and then leaving them to their fate. There are already enough “consultancies” doing that. And the government sponsored Business Link provides an adequate follow up service to those who can afford to buy training on statutory requirements etc.

Our speciality is to identify individuals with potential. Those with good ideas. Then we help them to find a way to set up and grow. It is our belief that there are always ways to move forward. We do not accept the standard model that says that it is necessary to draft a business plan, borrow from banks, then chose a conventional route to success. We certainly do not accept that access to capital or credit is a pre-requisite for success!

It is our conviction that success depends upon individual qualities, and upon good planning and sound management. Therefore, we offer a FREE assessment to anyone interested in our services that is intended to establish that they have a plausible and realistic business concept, and that they have adequately identified their objectives and have thought out the manner in which they can achieve these. If we do not believe that potential clients have met these criteria, then we are quite content to explain our decision and to decline further involvement.

If we are reassured that clients have a business idea with potential, we are prepared to offer a service with a degree of commitment that goes far beyond that offered by most “business consultancies”. We will provide a number of conventional services at a competitive fee such as company formation, legal services, health & safety checks etc, but we regard these as of little interest. Our speciality is to identify those businesses with potential, and to provide the specific mentoring required in order to fulfil that potential. We are prepared even to defer payment for standard services such as company formation and other disbursements - offering instead to take a shared ownership in clients' businesses. This enables us to help entrepreneurs who are short on capital but whom we have identified as having potential.

We then have the resources to ensure that each business is able to analyse and quantify its potential, identify its needs, evolve a plan for growth, and move forward to fulfil its potential.

If we have been mistaken in our assessments, if we have been unable to help a business maximise its potential, then we end up as part owners of nothing. We have even given up an opportunity to earn from standard services.

However, if we have done our job properly then we have a percentage ownership of a growing business. This is our philosophy of “Investing in Success”. No-one is obliged to share their business with us; we will provide a standard service if that is what they want. However, many businesses with doubts about whether they have the capital to succeed or the resources to maximise their potential have benefited from our approach. In particular, our unique style of business analysis and mentoring sets us apart as providing an input that always offers an investment that will exceed the cost!


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