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IT Support

Sunbird Management has a variety of IT solutions for small businesses - useful databases and spreadsheets designed by our own Consultants and used successfully for years. All of these can be sent to you by email attachment. Have a browse through the page links below to find something for your business...

We have Address List Databases for recording customers or other contacts. Available in versions for recording either individual or businesses names.
(Run on Microsoft Access.)

Spreadsheets - for a variety of mathematical functions
We can design you a spreadsheet specifically for your business. Maybe you need a spreadsheet for calculating costs of manufacturing, selling prices, profit margins - or maybe all of these functions, and more! Or maybe we can design you something to to take the effort out of stocktaking - input your materials costs and stock levels and get a total at the click of a mouse... Or maybe a spreadsheet tailor-made to simplify your book-keeping?
(Run on Microsoft Excel.)

Graphics - for your business plan to the bank, or for your promotional brochure
Do you love the look of line charts, bar charts, pie charts, and all the other options that live in the land of Pivot Tables? But don't have the time or the courage to go there yourself? We have Consultants who just love such things! Let them do the hard work for you... You supply the data and we send you the graphics.

All designed for you at affordable prices.


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